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Fohsky wohsky…feeskee weeskee…all aboard the Soundwaves Express…. What’s new with YOU, loyal listener? Soundwaves is days away from being on iTunes. Just DAYS away. This means all sorts of mobile fantasticness to take with you about town (or province, depending on what part of the globe you’re sitting in right now) as we bring you […]

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Team Soundwaves + Echo Park Paddleboat Regatta

(Sponsor the Deacon of Speakin’ and Ms. Cecilia as we train for paddleboat supremacy…. Tournament info below…..sponsorship info here) ——————————————————————————– TOURNAMENT INFO: TEAMS OF TWO COMPETE IN A PADDLE BOAT RACE TO DETERMINE THE “WORLD’S BEST PADDLE BOAT RACERS” AND RAISE MONEY FOR CHARITY. THE MORE MONEY A TEAM RAISES, THE CLOSER THEY ARE TO […]

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“Michael Jackson” by Nelson George

MICHAEL JACKSON (1958-2009) BY NELSON GEORGE Orson Wells’ rich, brilliant & ultimately doomed character Charles Foster Kane died, alone and unloved, in his California mansion. At the time of his passing he was a deformed, corrupt and far removed from the genius displayed in creating his mass media empire. In the aftermath of Michael Jackson’s […]

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