6.26.15 Episode 323 Vitamin D & Beats of All Nations

This week, Frank Foreal sat down with Vitamin D to talk about Cold Busted: a record label, online radio station, and much more. Vitamin D also provided a DJ mix, featuring music from Cold Busted’s artists, including Poldore and Blue in Green.

The Beats of All-Nations DJ’s, Mike Styles, Porchlite, Gabe Real, and Ethos, came through the studio for live DJ sets in the second hour, featuring electronic, reggae, hip hop, and world music.

Catch up with Vitamin D at www.coldbusted.org

Catch up with Beats of All-Nations at www.beatsofallnations.com

00:00-15:00 Frank Foreal Selector Set
Novalima – Comoyo
Satele – Hello 1.0
Jessy Lanza – You Never Show Your Love
Gener8ion & M.I.A. – The New International Sound Pt II
Cazal Organizm – Badu Honey Flip

15:00 – 59:59 Vitamin D (Cold Busted) Interview & DJ Set
Ancient Astronauts – Halfway Through
Anatoly Ice – Blame Hip-Hop
Zac Love – JazzDigginBiz
Mister T – Jestofunked
Poldoore – Bison Grass
Av.i – L’esbroufe
Mojo Rising – Send Me
CrackerJack – Nothing But Cut
Blue In Green – Hadou
Ancient Astronauts – Yebechi
Yuri Petrovski – Feel Good
Astro Raph – All My Honey
Eddie Shinn – Box Of Happiness
Q Funktion – Feel Bad
Mr Echo – Last Trumpet In Las Palmas
Mister T – A True Story
My Neighbour Is – Mtfkr V.I.P
Koka Mass Jazz – Keep The Groove (Instrumental)
Koka Mass Jazz – Keep The Groove
Sixfingerz – I Feel I’m Going Down
Emapea – B-Boy Stance

1:00:00 – 2:00:00 Beats of All-Nations Interview & DJ Sets

Set 1 – Porchlite
Porchlite – You Don’t Know How
Auxvoyager – Kay Oz Planetary
Auxvoyager – The Vague
Porchlite – Am I
Auxvoyager – Castle Rock
Bombay – Dig This
Auxvoyager – She Dances On
Auxvoyager – Flite
Porchlite – Where Are The Rose

Set 2 – Gabe Real
*Tracklist Coming Soon*

Set 3 – Mike Styles
Sev Seveer – Televised Chocolate
Batida do Corpo – Amazonas
Co. Fee – White Sands
Co. Fee – Rio
Yesterday’s New Quintet – Uno Esta
Poolside & Fantronic – Onda
Puelche – Bajo el Pehuen