11.30.13 EPISODE 242 : Asya and Jansport J


I had the pleasure of welcoming back our good frien, creator and head boss over at Fusicology, Asya Shein as well as up and coming West Coast producer Jansport J.

Asya who had already played a gig earlier in the evening decided to bring the uptempo vibes and packed a record bag full of classic house cuts. The KPFK airwaves were treated to a full hour of 120+ bpm vibes before we took our first break. I highly encourage you to take a second and pop on over to www.fusicology.com and peep the goodness.

The second hour was curated and hosted by Val The Vandle. I’m always excited to hear the talent Val brings to Soundwaves. He is truly the Hip-Hop Tastemaker in Los Angeles. Jansport J is a super humble and extremely talented producer. Keep an ear to the street for anything he does and make sure to check out his new project with El Prez!!

Listen HERE

[mixcloud http://www.mixcloud.com/soundwaveskpfk/soundwaves-radio-november-30-2013-asya-and-jansport-j/ width=300 height=300 /]